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About before and after

Thought to post this a while ago.

Seems there's a lot of people I've talked to who think that the weight loss pictures, and the bodybuilding pictures, that you see in your average magazine, are worth the paper they're printed on.

Well, they are, in fact, for the people selling things ... people tend to trust their own eyes, even when the pictures are clearly faked.

I subscribe to a web-mag published by a company that makes supplements that are intended to be darn close to drugs. It's called Bio-Test, and their magazine (which also has a paper version) is called T-Mag, short for Testosterone Magazine. Yes, they have a different idea about the value of that hormone that differentiates the men from the women.

Anyway, this is the article that confirmed everything I'd ever thought about the process of making before and after pictures.

They also talk, elsewhere, about the whole 'What is Testosterone For' myth, debunking a lot of the 'Roid Rage' and 'testosterone creates anger' mythology, which was started by the idea of 'testosterone poisoning'.
I can't find the specific name of the person who started using this term, but I know it appeared in Ms Magazine in 1975, and further was formalized by Kramarae and Treichler in A Feminist Dictionary from Pandora Press, in 1985.

I find this particular bit of feminist demagoguery as trustworthy as, for instance, the opinions of a bunch of old italian men who are supposed to be lifelong virgins, on the topic of whether a woman should be allowed an abortion.

Anyway, it turns out that the fabled 'roid rage' is largely a result of one factor: the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and thence to progesterone, which, as almost every married man or man with a girlfriend should know, is the stuff that surges in every irate and uncomfortable woman with PMS. So. It's actually an excess of a particular female hormone that stimulates aggression.

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