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Monday we were given a reprieve on the midterm project for the Advanced Visual Basic Programming course.
It's no longer due Friday; rather, it's due Monday at midnight, and I should be able to manage that without undue screaming.
Assuming that I can get the answer to at least three questions, anyway.
One of them being 'why is my list of open windows not showing all the windows I add to it?'

Tuesday was a big fat surprise - I had, for some unknown reason, thought that THURSDAY was the midterm in the Java class. It was not.
TUESDAY was the midterm, which I verified only an hour before time to head to class. It was a closed-everything midterm, with notes allowed on both sides of a standard piece of 8.5x11 paper. I quickly filled notes in on the midterm study guide, and took it in, getting there just at the stroke of six, when class starts. All but two people were already there, taking the test. I got my copy, and finished in 25 minutes, then spent 10 minutes double-checking my answers, then (as the teacher was gone) I left. Either I did very well, or very poorly.
I won't know which for a few days. I suspect the former, though.

In other news, this is the third day that our newspaper has not arrived, and even after I called asking where it was, they have not delivered it; I demanded to know why and the circulation desk said they had called the distributor in plenty of time.


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