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Another gaming rant

Another mux rant:

XMA was going to close because the staff had burned out.
They were going to shut down because they didn't think they could keep things going.

So, a group of players step up and agree to take over the staffing.
This is fine, things can continue. Perhaps, I think, I might want to go back there again, especially as some of these staff are friends of mine.

Well, no. I left for several reasons: disenchantment with the theme, which was being dragged out forever; distaste for certain players who were getting preferential treatment while I and other players were being restricted; their decision to ban a player who was suffering from undiagnosed bipolar and borderline personality syndrome, and who had been causing a number of problems due to the ramifications of that disorder.
See, I have a problem with people banning other people for mental illness, when the problem is being treated, because as a group, gamers are all somewhat socially deranged, and Joshua's player, while a bit frustrating to deal with sometimes, was capable of fun RP. The problems were more one of over-eagerness, not knowing boundaries, than offensiveness or twinkishness. This is stuff that gets treated very well by the proper psychopharmaceuticals. Joshua's player is now on them.

So why am I saying anything about this?

In a last act of vileness, the outgoing staff has managed to get this person vetoed again. I am offended, deeply, by people who discriminate against the handicapped, especially when they're mental or emotional handicaps that can be treated.

Shame on the lot of them.

EDIT: To my friends on staff there ... I'm sorry, guys, but this is just wrong, and I can't condone it for any reason. I know at least one of you knew nothing of it.

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