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Matrix II

Spoiler protected.

So. Interesting how, with the scene with Oracle, when she tells Neo that everyone has a purpose, he doesn't get time to ask her what her purpose was.

And if he'd asked her what her purpose was, would she have answered? Or if so, truthfully? Or was the Architect completely truthful about her origins and her creation?

Speculation: Given that 90% of the people do NOT want to leave the Matrix, given that there's no way Zion would support the millions of people who are in there, and that they would all die post-haste if they were disconnected, from exposure and starvation... they're going to have to leave the Matrix intact. Or, at least, set up some sort of cooperative thing where the machines and the awakened humans share the decisions. But that would be a utopian solution again... not one that would seem to me to be very likely.

Random disrespectful question: What was the Mosh Pit Temple all about? Were they generating lots of bodyheat to power their systems?