Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Quick status.
Buried alive under final project. Should be easy but for some reason it's not.
Perhaps if I'd studied it harder? Reading the book would help too.

Was supposed to get a call today from the client for whom I am doing the webpage project. Did not. Will call tomorrow morning AFTER my 9am call.

Tomorrow: 9am, Hank (trainer at Boeing) will call and I can do informational interview. Find out what he's got going on, who he knows.
Need to have my questions ready.

Tomorrow day: More work on the final. Maybe also get some billable hours.

Tomorrow night: Doll club.

Thursday: Java assignment due. Will be pretty easy to do.
Also, have to vacuum in AM for Penny's visitor in afternoon.
It's good to have a reason to vacuum. Otherwise I would let it slide.

Friday: VB final project due.
Saturday 10AM - visit with my Stephen Minister. Going to miss a couple weeks.
Sunday: Usher at 10:45 again.
Monday: Final test in VB, open book, concepts and some small code.
Tuesday: Final test in Java.

Note to self. Never take two classes unless you don't have to work on anything else.

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