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Post-Con reflections

Hm. Instead of writing up Westercon at the event itself, I went to panels, parties, and even read books and watched movies.


We did one thing differently this year. Over the last few years, due to knee injury and what we had thought was a very sore back, Penny had not been getting around much at the conventions. Well, the sore back was due to her body trying to rid itself of the uterine cancer (it tries to 'birth' the cancer, with all the attendant pain and cramping) and since the hysterectomy she's had practically no pain in her lower back, except when sleeping on a bad bed.
However, she's still recovering from the radiation treatments, and it takes a year or so to get back to full personal strength. She's not completely back yet.
So, we rented a wheelchair for a few days, and I pushed her around. We would have gotten a motorized cart, but they were a bit too far out of our reach. But, me moving her around worked, and she was really pretty happy with being able to attend panels and so forth. She still wiped out after about two hours, which is a great improvement.

We also took our 'aero bed' with us. This is a marvelous invention. Being able to inflate the bed to just the point where it supports the lower back and elevates the knees, it made things a LOT better. Ideally, we'd have two of them, twin size, in a single big cover, and separately inflate our sides. Perhaps later.

Art show was well-populated, with relatively little 'amateurish' work, but there was still a predominance of the 'cute cat with wings and unicorn horn' art, the softcore fantasy art, and of course the ever-present theft of personal image: pictures of actors in their roles, for which the actors are not reimbursed.

Dealer Room was pretty good too, though with the current straightening of the pocketbook, we didn't buy anything. Wanted to do so but simply couldn't justify it.

The Masquerade - we decided not to attend. The line was huge, Penny was tired of people and tired of being shoved around, so I took her back to the room and then went to a panel I wanted to see.

Later Saturday evening, she insisted that I go out to the room parties and to other panels. She was still wiped out, and the party wing was as far as it's possible to be from where we were at - up, down, around, across, and far far far away.

I caught up with several friends. I got to have a few epiphanies about writing, especially about why I haven't been. It comes, eventually, down to a question of what I choose to spend my time doing. I've got far too many things that I'm interested in, and enjoy, and I tend to focus sharply on one, to the great neglect of other things that DO need to be done.

So. If I want to be published as a writer, I need to go back to my old, old foe, personal time management. It's the root and branch of anything in my life that I'm dissatisfied with. I need to say "I will spend W hours a day in spiritual, religious, and physical exercises, X hours a day writing, Y hours a day doing work, Z hours a day on household tasks, and of course, allocate time from the bit left over to use in recreation, and gaming online doesn't get to be my only mode of recreation.

Now, we'll see how well I do at that. Part of the trick: making sure that I enjoy the things that I schedule, because I have a measureless capacity for not doing the things that I find boring or unpleasant.


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Jul. 8th, 2003 04:18 pm (UTC)
Glad you had fun, overall, and I'm glad Penny was oodles more comfy. It bites that it's the same weekend as Anime Expo, but maybe the hubby and I will make it to a con you guys are at outside of ID4 weekend. Wheee!!!

Yeah, time management is O So Much Fun. Bleah. But, if you gotta, you gotta.

Jul. 8th, 2003 10:52 pm (UTC)
As regards to the art show, I can tell you right now why it was full of that kind of stuff.

It sells.

Frankly, I hate the 'ubercute flapcat/chainmail gazongas/ohlookit'sLegolas!' school of art, but the thing is, generally speaking, if you want to be assured of at /least/ making back what you spent on the panel and the convention, you must include a minimum of two of the following in your display:

Bishonen boys with long hair
Flying cats
Any other kind of cat
Cute dragons
A single image combining two or more of the above (dragons cuddling kittens)

Otherwise, you'll get stiffed. I cannot TELL you how many times I've shown what I wanted to, take for example my creature-dolls... and haven't sold a single thing because of it. It's pandering, we all know it. But as long as that's what fandom will buy, that's what we have to produce if we want to make a cent.

In recent years, I've given up on the fanservice. As a result, my sales have dropped to nil. But other artists have told me my stuff's really improved, so I guess it's all good.
Jul. 10th, 2003 03:56 pm (UTC)
Oddly enough, here in the Pacific Northwet, it _doesn't_ sell. Nothing does. The area is infamous for poor responses to art shows, for lowball bids, and for about half the people not making cost of space plus shipping.
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