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The hot weather (in the 90s F) we've been having, plus a week with only a single day without some distracting and annoying appointment that takes four+ hours, has resulted in my having to be awake at 7AM quite frequently, to the point where I now wake spontaneously at that time.

This would be fine if I got to sleep before 3AM.

I'm narcoleptic, which means, I can force myself to stay awake long past the point that anyone else would be falling over. It's one of the adaptations that happens. However, when I do get a chance to relax, I'm OUT.

So ... having finished the code I was working on, which woke me up with its urgency at 6:45AM, I can now take a nap.

[ Except that Penny just woke up, and I needed to fix breakfast, and cook the large piece of meat that I just found lurking in the fridge before it goes - it's on the edge, so had to wash, then quarter it and sear all the sides, leaving it rare in the middle (where no bacteria have ventured). Before the wash, it had a slightly rank scent, afterwards, just smelled like meat, so it was still safe. But Penny won't touch it - she feels I have too much of a medieval attitude about preparing meat, that is, marinate the heck out of it if it seems questionable. Her attitude is "Go to the store every two days and buy fresh." I suppose that's better, but we got 'fresh' chicken from the store the other day that was gone when we got it - so I'm not sure it's going to protect us. ]

Going to see LXG this afternoon, so I can't sleep more than a few hours, but my usual nap runs about 15 minutes anyway.

An aside to the new people who have added me to their friends lists, I hope I'm not boring you senseless. I'll gradually be adding people, but I tend to set my default list to a shorter subset because some of you (zamiel for instance) tend to post daily, very long tractises, which if I read every day, I spend all my time reading. I'm not sure whether you get my default list or all my friends when you click my Friends page, so if it seems to change, that's why.

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