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Add this to your list of resources, next to Evil Overlord, Inc. home of the Evil Overlord List, that invaluable guide to villainous world takeover and the drawbacks thereof.

The Movie Cliche's List contains detailed examinations of many many of the stupidest movie cliche's.

For instance, four items learned from the summer 'blockbuster' ID4:
Alien spacecraft the size of Australia can be taken out with one well-placed sidewinder missile
Most laptops are configured with interfaces powerful enough to override the communications systems of the most sophisticated futuristic societies
Despite the fact that they wear biomechanical body armor that can only be removed with a scalpel and the fact that they possess hyper-developed brains that allow them to destroy their enemies simply by thinking about it, alien fighter pilots have a glass jaw and can be knocked unconscious for hours with one punch
If you are a woman who: 1)survives a blast from an alien spacecraft that wipes out Los Angeles 2)lives through the ensuing helicopter crash 3)survives while buried by rubble 4)survives despite being transported by open backed diesel truck across the worst terrain ever not check into a military hospital with the best medical help money can buy because YOU WILL DIE

See? Priceless!

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