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Not at my best.

And on an unrelated front... occasionally I'm finding myself beset by moments that I have to characterize as 'flipping into Cat.'
I was RPing on MXT today (nothing unusual, it's my main current gaming hangout) and connected to find myself in the middle of a rather large scene, just starting.
And one of the newer players turns out to be someone trained in a rather different 'style' of play... one more narcissistic than the kind that I prefer. First, their description. Now, this is a male character. His clothing, physique, jewelry, and features are exhaustively described (not badly, just to a great degree) in a way that took up two paragraphs, each of which was about a screen and a half long. The amount of detail, and the phrasing, made me wonder if this was a character created for TinySex. There are such, but that's not the only reason people make such descs. They're stock in trade in some of the more 'literary' venues (World of Darkness and such.)
OK, so his first pose was four paragraphs long, each carefully blank-separated, each about 3/4 of a screen, and mostly involved conversation and interaction with characters who did not exist as such - NPC's, not 'applied-for' characters.
At this point I'm feeling a bit annoyed and reticent. I don't like making superlong poses. They make interaction difficult, and in a scene with over 5 people (there were about 12 present) it makes for a very hard to handle RP session.
I left, but one of the people remaining behind, paged a message to me, commenting that this person posed adjusting his hair clips.
OK, I figured that confirmed my theory. This is probably a teenage girl, or possibly one in her early 20s at most. Because this level of focus on that kind of appearance is usually seen more in gay men and teenage girls... and the somewhat tasteless desc was more consistent with teenage girls. Gay men know better.
So. The evening goes by, I putter around, eat dinner, work on an application for a character. Then later, noticing that there are two staffers online that I like, I comment about the desc and the situation, intending it to be person to person, not a complaint but more like sharing amusement.
Well, one of them semi-snaps at me, is there a complaint? Because they're both too busy, why am I paging this?
I demur with a 'Not a problem, just person to person chat, not important, will stop bothering you.'
So what's got me feeling let down and resentful about this?
Perhaps that I assumed there was a level of casual friendliness with these guys, that I could share amusement without it being taken as something else?
Perhaps it was just the phrasing. A simple 'Hey, hate to blow you off but we're kinda swamped at the moment,' might have been less quelling. So why am I finding myself wondering, again, if it's worth gaming there, with that staff?
It isn't really important, either. The other PC with the outrageous desc and the megaposes ... may or may not be a pain to RP with.
So, why is it making me upset to be basically blown off again?

Hm. I think I'll drive the brain in a better direction, purge this selfish whine from my heart before it rots there.

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