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General Von Frankenstein (FRONK-en-Steeen)

Frankenstein in the Pentagon

I'm kind of torn on some of this. There's an underlying assumption that the idea of neural interfaces is innately evil and wrong. But they make the further assumption that just because you have an interface, you have a total control of the sensorium and behaviour of the wired creature. That's questionable at best.


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Aug. 28th, 2003 10:10 am (UTC)
Neural interfaces? Sweet!
You mean I'll actually have a chance of operating a computer system or otherwise interacting with human society if I go blind or deaf? You mean that I'll literally be able to code at the speed of thought, instead of only-as-fast-as-my-fingers-type? You mean that I'll be able to play around in my psyche and record the events that are going on there, for later analysis and understanding?

...and I have to point out that it would also help things for those who are 'registered sex offenders' based on paraphilia, since they could indulge their fantasies without bringing harm to anyone.

There's a LOT of good that could come from this -- but a lot of bad, too, if the keys were in the wrong hands. (Personally, I would rather have a neural interface, and the only copy of the keys required to access it -- and then delegate access to those I felt trustworthy, revoking said access at any time I chose.)
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