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Hey iceraver!! Which of these is you?

So there's this new stupid toy that appears to try to capitalize on Ravers, called, alas, DJ Skribble's Spinheads.

There are eight of these weird little dolls that ... sorta look like raver archetypes.
There's three guys who look kinda like the iceraver. Here they are in order of probability:

Moxy ... not the best name, but really good resemblance. (hair is wrong color though)
Daze ... appearance seems pretty close to some of the images, but less of a resemblance in personality.
Troi ... The least likely, but still a bit of a resemblance.

So, which is it, do you suppose?

(edited 29 Sep because I am an idiot and had 'personality seems close but less of a resemblance in personality' - duh doi!)

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