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Catching Up

There is a bulletin board thread on Nigerian Scam Letters which has a number of quite decent parodies. You might take a look.

Meanwhile, as I'm reminded I haven't posted any updates or information lately, beyond sheepishness and linksharing....

I hope you are having a happy birthday, aerowolf, as much as it can be.
And my mother's birthday is tomorrow. I think I will call her and make b'day meeting plans if that's at all possible.

I'm working on some more interim contract stuff, but still looking for more permanent work, though I hope to get an actual human contact with the folks at ADP, who have a really nifty database of all the car stuff you could ever need to know (if you're a car manufacturer or dealer) but who also have the clumsiest antique method for getting data out of it... they may be coming out with a better method, which would be spectacular bliss for all involved from a user perspective.

And once a human contact happens I might actually get an interview, and possibly hence, a job, which would be a good thing after nearly three years of only seasonal and short-term contracting.

Penny's recovery from the cancer treatment is very much on course and appears to be doing well, but the recovery from the weakness that followed the cancer treatment is taking longer due to the fact that her knees do not have much at all in the way of cartilage (partly a side effect, maybe, and partly due to a high-school injury that should have been treated long ago, and now the long term damage will require much more complicated things than we can get Kaiser to do.)
So, struggling into the gym for her workout, but that's been derailed a bit by a recent bout of much more severe pain.

I'm theoretically still losing weight on Atkins but that's also stalled out a bit. Need to start recording every little thing that goes into my mouth, again.

Other than that? Not much. Though. Maybe this will up the 'masculinity' index of my LJ. (hee hee!)

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