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This is one of those odd little things that you run into at times when you buy household appliances. See, when we got married in 1981 Penny and I lived in an apartment.
Apartments are by definition tiny. Even if they have 1100 square feet of alleged living space, you won't get that much out of them.
So we bought a vacuum from Sears. It was small. It sucked, in a good way, and it was bagless, also good, but it didn't have a rug-beater feature.
After we got our first house, which was smaller than the apartment, but a house, we did not replace this little beastie. It still worked, it was adequate for the house.
When we moved into our current place, which was twice that size, we limped by for a year with the old thing, and then suddenly I got a bug to replace it. Went to Target (pronounced tar-jay) and got a Fantom Thunder, with patented whirlwind action, because the neighbors had gotten one and liked it, and because it had a HEPA filter.

Well. Unbeknownst to me, Fantom went bankrupt. They silently disappeared from stores, and their accessories vanished as well. This was of little interest to me until today. For today, while vacuuming with the hose attachment, I accidentally sucked up a towel which jammed the beater bar. The trouble with the design of this thing is that when using the suck-mode, you can't turn off the beater bar. And the outcome is that the belt connecting the motor and the beater bar ... was eaten through by friction. Stinky burning rubber.

Fortunately our local Stark's Vacuums had a replacement that works. So I bought two.
This reminds me so much of the weird shop back in Polson where I grew up.
Full of all sorts of machines in various states of repair. People would bring in an appliance, and pay money to have it fixed, instead of throwing it away and getting a new one. Even televisions, it was cheaper then to replace tubes than to buy a new set.

Those days are gone, my friends.

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