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One of those nights

Sorry, iceraver ... Was going to be right back, but RL intruded. See... Had to get stuff together and take Penny downstairs so we could get her kneez up. But first, before we could do that, had to change the sheets and blankets on the bed because they were rebellious and tried to throw us out (which means, time to wash 'em) ... Changing the sheets is easy, but had to dig out the flannel cover for the down comforter because it's COLD outside, and put that on. And then the narcolepsy hit, and I was out of it for about 20 minutes and then it was 1:30.

Saw the end of Titan AE, which was showing on SPIKE! (which has nothing to do with milligan or jones or lee) ... a very enjoyable film which was panned, dismally, by the critics, because they're all philistines. Every one of 'em. I have it on DVD but it's a minimal-features thing. I also want to get Treasure Planet on DVD too. Because, frankly, I crave all the space-adventure shows.

I wonder if Reboot will ever come out on DVD.

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