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Where have I been in the US?

1) Alabama: Mobile, Alabama, on a business trip
2) Alaska
3) Arizona: Phoenix airport on a layover
4) Arkansas:
5) California: Lived there a number of years.
6) Colorado:
7) Connecticut:
8) Delaware:
9) Florida: Disney World once, for the first (and last) Teddy Bear Convention. After that it was expanded to Doll and Teddy.
10) Georgia: Layover at Atlanta airport.
11) Hawaii
12) Idaho: Lived next-door to Idaho.
13) Illinois: Been there several times
14) Indiana: Went through on road trip, didn't stop long.
15) Iowa:
16) Kansas: Kansas City Airport on a layover.
17) Kentucky:
18) Louisiana
19) Maine
20) Maryland
21) Massachusetts
22) Michigan:
23) Minnesota: On the way to Champaign-Urbana and then again for the MST3K convention
24) Mississippi:
25) Missouri:
26) Montana: Born there, lived there until age 13, still go there sometimes.
27) Nebraska: May have touched Nebraska on road trip.
28) Nevada: Went through a couple times.</b>
29) New Hampshire
30) New Jersey
31) New Mexico:
32) New York:
33) North Carolina:
34) North Dakota: Drove through.
35) Ohio:
36) Oklahoma:
37) Oregon: Live there now.
38) Pennsylvania:
39) Rhode Island
40) South Carolina
41) South Dakota: Drove through.
42) Tennessee:
43) Texas: More layovers on airplane flights
44) Utah: Yet another layover on airplane flight.
45) Vermont:
46) Virginia:
47) Washington: Many times. Family and friends in various places there.
48) West Virginia:
49) Wisconsin: Again, on road trip.
50) Wyoming: Touched corner of Wyoming on trip once.
51) District of Columbia:

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