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I had to go into Portland today for an EKG as part of qualifying for term life insurance. Apparently the gamblers want to hedge their bets.
Not that I mind particularly, I mean, they do want to make sure they don't get a bunch of people sucking the pot of gold dry.

Still, it amuses me that they're spending this much on spec to see if I'll qualify.

The place in Portland is clear across town from where I live - 23 miles away - across from the Grotto, a Roman Catholic retreat center, which is next door to the place my cousin Cherie used to be incarcerated every summer (Shriner's Hospital) to have her feet worked on. That began back in 1981 or 1982, I'm not sure which. We ended up seeing here every summer, and sometimes in winter. The building stands empty and in a state of graceful decay now.

Back then, everything was on the far side of Portland. Our comics store, Apache Books, was at the east foot of the Hawthorne bridge. Now the prosthetics company, book store, warehouse, and dyke bar that used to occupy that block are gone, and instead there is a rather run-of-the-mill McDonalds. Yay progress.
Military Corner (now Bridgetown Miniatures and Games, I think) was on the far side, as was Future Dreams (on Burnside) and a few other places ...

Now, Future Dreams is gone, the store hollowed out and it's being gutted and refitted as a bar of some sort. Military Corner moved to Sandy (on the way back) before changing the name, but I didn't want to try to deal with traffic to turn left across two lanes to get there.

Apache Books moved to an even worse location, and went under, about 11 years ago. We stopped buying comics for a while when that happened.

And... EKG pads... the little sensors they attach to your chest and sides and forearms?
The glue sticks to chest hairs really really well. Better than 'Nads'.

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