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Mar. 13th, 2004

For the last few months, our 27-inch Panasonic stereo tv (purchased 11 years ago for 750 dollars, give or take) has been showing signs of age, or at least of a dried up power capacitor.

These signs took the form of a 'wraparound' band at the top, which didn't make it unwatchable, just a bit annoying. I looked into what it would have taken to fix it myself, and quickly learned that it wasn't a safe idea at all.

This morning, 0730 hours, just after I turned on the television, one of the circuits burned out, and since there's no way we would be replacing it for under 400 dollars, I found a place that was able to repair it instead. The estimate was 120 dollars and that would be for about 2 hours labor + parts.

Note that this is a large-ish television. While I can shift it about myself it's really something we prefer to do with two. Still, I lugged it up the stairs, then got the car ready, then lugged it down the front steps to the car, and headed off
Lugged it upstairs, it weighs about 75 pounds and it's bulky as anything, still I got it there by 10:15. After a ten dollar deposit he promised it back by Monday afternoon, so I came home and moved the upstairs TV (a smaller Panasonic, not stereo, but a lot easier to move) to the downstairs, as Penny's knees still don't permit her to do a lot of wandering around, and we figured we would need it.

Of course this means that he called at noon, it was ready. Two hours rather than two days to fix. Go figure. So I had to go fetch it, then drag the set up the front stairs, then back downstairs to the bedroom. I set it up only to discover discover what appeared to be non-functioning sound, and after several minutes of debugging and troubleshooting, I called the repair shop to arrange to take it in Monday, dn then dragged it back upstairs and brought down the smaller set again, only to find out IT has no sound, which meant the cable box has gotten weird. I finally went through the cable box setup menu, and there was an entry for "Sound" which needed to be re-configured. On re-configuring, all is well, sound is quite loud.

So, again, the big television comes downstairs, and I hook it up and verify that all is working, then drag the smaller set back upstairs and re-confure IT.

My back is a bit sore.

Watching the set now, and it's kind of disturbing that it isn't wrapping at the top. Well, only in a 'we got used to it' way.


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