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Of Eastertide, three years, and contracting

The last three months have been MUCH more productive of jobs that I could actually apply for. January there was a Job Fair at Kentrox, but they never got back to most of their applicants, and at least two positions are still quite open.

I interviewed at Network Solutions (McAfee Anti-Virus, etc.) and was passed over because my windoze skilz are not l33+ enuf. That is, I haven't gotten into the guts and done rude things there, and they wanted that, for some reason.

Today I interviewed at Intel for a QA/Test techie contract position. It pays less than I want for the long term, but it's tolerable for the moment. I'll hear on Friday whether I get it or not, and if I do, I'll be at work as early as Wednesday of next week.

This will mark exactly three years on the calendar since being laid off at NEC Eluminant. During that time I've worked two times at Norm Thompson Outfitters as a phone sales/customer service rep during the 'peak season' - around Christmas - and for just under a year, part-time, doing some contract programming for a friend and his family's auto dealership.

Three years is long enough. I was laid off during Holy Week 2001 - so Lent never ended. I'd like some Eastertide for a while.

Mind, if the job does NOT go through I have to be applying for just about anything.
Not necessarily 'Would you like fries with that'... maybe I'll see if that AFLAC sales position thng I got from being on is real.

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