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Job Turbulence


Monday, I got a call back about the Intel job as a SW Test tech. Though I'm the one that the people I interviewed with want to hire, the manager, following rigidly the HR guideline, feels he MUST interview three candidates. Waste of time, money, and energy, of course. This means I can't start there this week, which (due to release timing) means they wouldn't hire me until the 3rd of May.

So, still in limbo about that.

Yesterday morning, got a call from a second agency about an Intel SW QA job I'd applied for - and they're submitting me for it. I lack the experience with Coldfusion that they want, but otherwise I should be a good (but not ideal) candidate. Trouble is, they offer 7$ an hour more... so I want that job!

So, Monday the 19th of April at 1pm, I have an interview in Newport, Oregon, with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. This would be writing tools to help automate the fish-tracking procedures used to track salmon and other fish. It's a good job, but wouldn't pay hugely. We'd have to see how that went. Moving to Newport would be neat because it's living on the coast, but moving is expensive and troublesome and we'd have to sell the house we live in now.

And, Thursday the 22nd of April at 11AM, I have an interview in Tigard, Oregon (an easy drive from here) with the Public Employee Retirement System, again software testing, but this time a bit more in the way of managing things, and PERS really really needs the help - they're in a bad way.

I'd like to get either of the state jobs. The Tigard job pays very well.

What's really interesting here is that there are suddenly so many things happening.
And, to keep them happening in case they don't go through, I need to keep turbulating the different options, I guess.

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