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So, the jumble that is my life.
Everything feeling chaotic and scrambled, yet, I know that if I step back and breathe, and pray, all the randomness takes on a form.

Friday night, the washer made a really rude noise and smell when it was trying to run. Panic ensuded, with me fighting the machine, and Penny wanting me to just turn it off and bail the water out. I skipped it to the spin cycle, and it did manage to spin dry and the pumps were working. According to the repairman I called, it would cost us $38.50 for him to come say "It's old, use it until it dies then replace it."
He thought it might've just been a stuck agitator.

So, I'll be resetting and re-washing, and see if it makes the rude noise and smell again. If so, then it'll be time to get them here. Or to replace it completely. Whichever.

There's a bunch of house-maintenance chores that are demanding to be done.
Vacuuming the carpets. Repairing the section of carpet at the top of the stairway where the wretched cats have torn holes in it. Forcibly removing weeds from the front yard, especially where they've made inroads on the driveway. Taking my car into the transmission shop to get one of the sensors replaced. Replacing the front steps, which have variously rotted or just come apart, under the ugly-brown carpet the previous homeowners put down on top of them.

We have fresh strawberries. It turns out that one thing you can do with fresh strawberries is to muddle them with rum and sugar, and add some chopped ice to generate a kind of mixed drink. We tried it last night and it didn't work right. So, we'll do it again today and hope we get it right this time.

Jobhunting... there begin to be some openings, but so many many many more people competing for them. I've begun aiming my search at Seattle area, but from what my friends say, the SF Bay area is NOT the place to look. I'm seeing a lot of stuff beginning to appear in the midwest, which ... bleah. Not that there's anything wrong with the Mississippi River Valley, but it's far from where I want to live.

Which brings the thought of changing careers. At one month short of 46 years old.
That's a daunting thought. I'm not sure I'm up to it at all.

It's a nice dark rainy day. It will be brighter and less contemplative as the week goes by, and we may be in for another 100 degree day like we had last week.
(Yeah, the official readings all said the top temp was 96, but I saw 106 in places with the car-thermometer.)

And of course the narcolepsy is hitting me hard right now. I _want_ to sleep. Just can't do it yet. Maybe 10 minutes or so, in a half hour.

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