Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

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Bad kitty!

Sometime yesterday, Clint Beastwood (the cat with no name) managed one of his springtime excursions. He escaped the house and wandered sniffing through the immediate area... and somehow I did not notice.
This morning as we were leaving to take Penny to her ob/gyn for a quarterly cancer followup, there was a very loud, pitiful series of meows from under our front step. I thought it was a neighbor-cat who has been hanging out beneath our second (non-running) car. But after I situated Penny in the VW I went to look and it was Clint, miserable and lonely and unloved, the poor idjit.
He purred a lot as we got closer to the front door and could hardly wait to get inside to the safety of no raccoons and possums.

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