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Went to the Farmer's Market today.
No fruit yet. The guy who brought crab in from the coast (45 minutes away) sold out before I got there, and the salmon was nice but I already have frozen in the freezer that I must use before we buy more.
And the guy who sells the kumomoto oysters wasn't there yet.

Lest anyone think we got away unscathed, I got a blue and green tie-dyed shirt, and we got some nice german sausage, but I didn't have time to get a massage from
the massage chair guy... I seriously intend to do that next weekend, especially if the carpal tunnel isn't gone, because I have a little ice dagger in my back that needs to be removed.

Mothers' Day: My mom and 89 year old grandma will be arriving tomorrow at 1PM to join me and maybe Penny for a nice lunch. I promised to take her to Pho Huang.
The best Pho in town. Grandma loves noodles, so we'll see if she likes Pho.

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