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During my trip to Washington yesterday afternoon (20 minute drive, stretched out to 40 by slow traffic) I talked to my Dad in Montana on the cellphone. I seldom talk with him, partly because we have little to say to each other, and partly because he seldom calls me. My stepmother now has an email address but if it's as bad as the other one they gave me, in terms of free hosts generating spam email, then I may avoid it as well.

Anyway, I found out that just before Thanksgiving last year, my uncle Danny (Dad's younger brother) was murdered. Apparently Danny had allowed the current husband of his ex-wife to move in with him while they were having some difficulties. This would have been OK if he'd paid his bills and not been a constant drunk, but apparently that wasn't in the cards.

So Danny and ex-wife went together to evict the guy, to get him to move elsewhere.

And, the guy went on a rampage, and beat them both to death.

The trial will be in September.

In other news, my stepmother was out gardening about 4 weeks ago, spraying poisons and fertilizers and such, and wasn't taking proper care. At least they THINK that's the cause of it. Dad got up from his nap, went to the kitchen to get a cookie, came out and she said "Oh god, not again" and when he looked at her, she was bent over, head between her knees, foaming at the mouth and utterly unconscious and unresponsive. She stayed four days in the hospital while they tried to figure out what caused it, and she couldn't think of anything until later when she realized she'd been out in the garden again.

At least there's no surprise like last time I talked to him, when I learned he'd had three heart attacks and a coronary bypass operation. They didn't bother to contact me about that one either, though my uncle George lives right there in town.

I know now why I shook the dust off my shoes when I left Montana.

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