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So thanks to </a></b></a>ladyjestr and her reference to this site, I get to play with some different user links.

Like </a></b></a>rubyloot and </a></b></a>jinxtigr and </a></b></a>foxeris who used to identify with foxes but now more with lions, and </a></b></a>normanrafferty but not snobahr because there's no polar bear picture and no brahma because there's no bull, and so forth.

Nor is there a badger, but that's ok.

Meanwhile, on the job front, it's after noon and I haven't heard back yet about the decision from the Nautilus Group.

I had a very weird interview with them yesterday. I was there a bit early, and the manager I was meeting with was in a meeting, but his co-interviewer was there at ten, took me back to the office and we made light conversation briefly, then he came in.

Nice pleasant fellow, but he has no facial expressions, uses no conversational gestures, and he uses no sensory modes in his conversation - no 'I see' or 'I hear' or 'that leaves a bad taste'... TOTALLY impassive, cognitive mode. This made him impossible for me to 'read'.

I got tag-team questioned, about job specifics, about concepts, about how I would do a particular thing, how I would build something. No feedback about whether I was going in the right direction or if they understood or did not understand. Abruptly, just before 10:30 the manager says, "Well, I have no further questions. Thank you for coming out to talk with us. I'll inform Susan Taylor (comsys representative) of our decision."

And that was it. No tour, no 'do you have any questions', no 'what are you like to work with' or anything like that.

I was convinced I'd blown it completely. But, talking with Susan later, she tells me that these guys have hired people from what appeared to be bad interviews, and not hired from good ones, based on other factors, so that it really IS impossible to tell.

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