1976 and Farrell's

In 1976, Penny had her 21st birthday on September 23rd.
It was the first week of school at the University of Oregon, and nobody quite had classes yet, but there were roommates and there were already people collected up.

This was the Week of the Birthdays. Leslie Gaulding, Brad Needham, Penny Long, and I believe one or two others, all had birthdays in or around the same time. *By the way, Happy Birthday, Brad!*

The scheme was hatched: Too many of us were still one year short of the magic date to take her off to have her first legal beer. Instead, a crowd, a swarm, collected at her door outside her third floor room in Collier Hall. We all knocked at once, and she was surprised, and we swarmed in "Huphuphuphup!" and grabbed her coat over her head, and yelled "We're kidnapping you for your birthday!" and dragged her off to a car, where we piled in and drove the seven blocks to the Farrell's Ice Cream Emporium.

Farrell's was this faux-1890s-styled place with rinky-tink player piano, and massive amounts of not especially great ice-cream, for a small price. We got out of the car, marched her inside, flung off the coat, yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and collectively got her some sort of giant hot-fudge death thing.

It was great.
Purr chirp chirp purrrr

Good News!

My heart's normal. The very slight "q" on lead 3 is so common as to have its own saying, "A small q on 3 is free"... and the very slight delay in the ventricular opening was not special, the computer program that analyzes that stuff didn't even flag it, so the answer is, "Nothing wrong, go back to the gym."

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thallium tress test in progress

At nuclear medicine clinic. Thallium has been administered and tastes tinny. I am radioactive.
They may do treadmill instead of adenosine depending on what the ekg tells them. A treadmill test would be faster so I will do that if possible.

0849: Just finished treadmill phase and am tasting thallium again thanks to the second shot. Ekg still shows an abnormal thing that could be a Q-wave but it's on the apparently infamous Lead 3 which the doctor says is also likely to pick up diaphragm signals, so not a big deal. I did get the warning to be careful for the usual signs of heart attack. They have to give that warning to everyone who takes the test.

So, waiting for second set of pictures to be taken. After that I can get breakfast and go to work.

11:00 am
Finished about 9:50 AM and rather than buying one of the carb and sugar bomb brekfasts at the hospital, just drove home, got my work pc, and came in to office. Grabbed two corndogs and a diet coke at Sonic (yes, I know, not any better) and m now ready to fight the good fight.
Or something. Work promises to be fun today. I shall have to be careful not to reveal that I am enjoying it.