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foomf's Journal

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Steve Hutchison
16 July
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My online personality can be really annoying sometimes. I tend to go into WAY too much detail about things, and I can come off as opinionated and rude. This is partly because I _am_ opinionated and rude, but also because I don't always remember to craft a GENTLE answer. I'm working on it but I doubt that I'll ever be perfect in that regard, especially since I tend to post things during narcolepsy-fueled bouts of late night insomnia.

If this sort of thing is an intolerable bother to you, then there's a chance you won't want to add me as a friend.

Now for the LJ Profile Memes:

I had an LJ Barcode until LJ Barcode bit the dust.

Livejournal's Location field is nonsense. It changes the city setting to match what the zip code lookup says. This is an example of cleverly coding the WRONG THING.

Sorry, but zip codes can encompass more than one city. I do not live in Beaverton. I live in Aloha, an unincorporated area near Beaverton, with zip code 97006. There are two other named cities with pieces in the same zip.
So, I can't put the zip code in the form because it forces the wrong city name.

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